Paintings in Stock:

All paintings in this section is still on sale - you will find size and other info just click on the images and then push small info sign in the left corner.

If you need more information or want to try any of them on your own walls 

Just send me an email, text or give me a call here

Commissioned work:

Larger decorating assignments and paintings created FOR YOU

Art is a unique way to create space for dialogue.

A mood setter holding space for you and for what you want to bring alive in your life.

My commissioned works are made in close relation to the customer for further information please give me a call or leave me a message with your phone number and I will contact you soon as possible

Examples of commissioned work:


Selected works in private collections from 2010-2021

( not for sale )

from the series:

// CONCEPT OF A HAT // 2017

// INTO THE MOMENT // 2012


// NEW OLDies// 2021

Oil and acrylic on canvas.