size 50 x 50 cm

50 variations.

Traveling exhibition. 2018

A project about transformation and the intimate relation to womanhood and

a celebration and tribute to diversity, intimacy and the beauty of the feminine expression. 

50 women from 6 different countries contributed to the project with photos, sharing images of the most intimate female body part. 


In addition to the exhibition also the book Butterflies & Pussytales - although only written in Danish.

A collaboration with the author Lise Egeberg. ( sold out )


The collection has been exhibited in several galleries, art-centers and in Museum of Contemporary art Beijing(MoCa-Beijing), China.     



Jury Statement MoCa- Beijing:

Exhibition title:´Worlds Meet Each Other - art cultures and friendship in Contemporary world.

"The artist Nille Bech clearly define her position as a woman, determined to speak for women.

We might claim that what some feminists like Hélène Cixoux did in their writing, Nille Bech does through her art conspicuously. That is without the complicated feminist language, she can express her thought clearly. The easier grade to define her work is “Freedom of Women”, free of all restrictions."

Lin Shanwen executive director of Dounan Art Museum

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