These paintings represent intended dialogues between my actual state of mind in the given moment and my intention.

Contrary to my other portraits, the woman figure in these works are shaped by my actual body. The purpose is to gain insight by embodiment, bringing out an inspired actionplan to implement changes according to my intention.

The proces contains of:

Journaling - to find a very clear and specific intention and articulate what was before unspoken.

A lot of moving around on the canvas to explore how the physical body posture correspond with the choice of intend.

Journaling on the canvas (- if you look closer you are still able to see traces of words and sentences) and experiments to explore patterns, symbols, colors etc.

The beauty of the proces is how it sparkles my perceptions and leads to a gentle unfolding of inspired actions in my daily life. 

Work in progress 2021 - 

The series contains, at this moment of writing, 8 portraits. Fiktive stories inspired by real women.


These paintings are made under the lock-down.

I asked on Instagram for muses, I was frankly getting nuts by being isolated.

Luckily a lot of women volunteered to a shared experience.

A research on intimacy in distance.

A research on the power of honest and liberated imagination. 

We all carry and create stories about..well almost everything. 

 The story of I, the story of  YOU,

the story of US and the story THE OTHER.

What happens when we admit to the fact that we are making up stories? 

What happens when we share the stories our creative spirits make about each other knowing it is no truth. ?

Images also available as posters size A3

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