Short biography 

Multiartist Nille Bech 


Nille Bech is autodidact visual and performance artist born in 1975 in Copenhagen DK. 

She emerged as artist in 2000 and has ever since been investigating various medias and tasks. Painting, drawing, monotype, teaching, wall decorations, sculpturing, speaks, projects with external participants, contemporary dance and performance.


The female body and the female portrait are essential elements in the works of Nille Bech. Often she uses herself as a model and research media to explore and embody emotions or states of being. The woman in her works is the personified presence of the co-relation and flip between inner and outer life, captured in an extended and weightless space. What is going on in the moment of presence. She is interested in how we as humans relate to ourselves and the people around us and how we through awareness and consciousness can expand the field of opportunity, freedom and compassion. Her attempt is to make the invisible visible. Trying to actualize the layers under the skin that is present but almost invisible when we meet each other. An attempt to put into sight what cannot be spoken into words to get a glimpse on what BEING brings to DOING

Her belief is that every media has its own essence and thereby adds value to her choice of projects.  

Her works are shown as solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums both nationally and internationally.e.g

Gallery Oxholm (DK), Museum of Contemporary art (MoCa - Beijing)(CHINA), Mark Rothko Museum and Art-center(LATVIA), Grey Cube Gallery, Helsinki(FIN), Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg(GER)   

Alongside her solo projects she collaborates with other artist with various backgrounds and nationality.


Artist statement

My ideas. and my artworks often appear by transcending my own physicality through repetitive actions.


I observe and investigate how inner movements impact the outer expression. A way to reveal the hidden and actualize the invisible multiple layers of emotions and beliefs under the surface, to get to the core of being. 


My focus is on the co-relation between reality and illusion, gravity and weightlessness, love and fear, abundance and scarcity and intention and manifestation. 

My overall attempt is to expand and expose the multiple layers within us to expand the field of opportunity, freedom and compassion.